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Support CASA

Other ways you can help:

    20% of your coffee purchases will be donated directly to C.A.S.A.

    Half of the young men and women that age out of Foster Care end up on the streets or in jail within two years of aging out! Your regular purchases of one or more bags or cartons of Good Stuff Coffee help us prevent this from happening – one life at a time.

    THE GOOD STUFF COFEE MISSION is to provide work for them, pay them a living wage, lease them a car, and pay for their auto insurance, so they can get reliably to and from work, make deliveries, and attend a school of their choosing. When they graduate, we help them with job placement, which opens a slot for the next Former Foster Youth.

  • KidCents is an effort by The Rite Aid Foundation that helps children in the local communities Rite Aid serves. Rite Aid customers and wellness+ with Plenti members can choose to round-up purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the change to help support CASA of San Bernardino County.

    Through KidCents, you can make a meaningful difference in your community for years to come. Sign up Today!

  • Want to support C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County in a creative way while searching the internet or shopping on-line? Then use GoodSearch.
    Go to
    Click on choose your charity.
    Type in CASA-San Bernardino County, then press Enter. Sign in with your e-mail or Facebook account.
    Now you are ready to start earning money for C.A.S.A. in the following ways:
    • When you use to search the internet, one penny will be donated to C.A.S.A. for each search you make. Even pennies add up over time!
    • When you use Goodshop for your on-line shopping at over 2,800 participating stores, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to C.A.S.A. There is no money that comes out of your pocket.
    • Effortlessly raise money for CASA-San Bernardino County using Gumdrop! Gumdrop shows coupons in real-time wherever you shop online, and makes a donation for every purchase you make.

  • Looking for a unique way of supporting C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County?
    C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County recently partnered with Through their Vehicle Donation Program, you can choose C.A.S.A. as your charity cause. Do you have an older car that is becoming less trustworthy? Donate it!
    If you have a vehicle you would like to donate, does all the work by coordinating everything with you, sending someone out to tow the car and take care of any DMV paperwork, all at no cost. Your car is then taken to one of their storage and auction facilities, washed, cleaned and placed ready for auction. Once the car sells, you will receive a tax receipt. It’s really that simple. For every car donation, you deduct $500 or more from your annual taxes (based off of sale of the car)
    For additional information, visit Cars2Charities.Org or call 1-855-520-2100 or click the link.

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